It's Burning Man Everyday

Starlight Project at Burning Man

The Starlight Project by Erich Remash, Jeremy Berglund, Don Peterson and Chad Ingle at Burning Man 2012

We have 359 days until the Man burns. If you think of Burning Man as a week-long event each year, it may feel like you have to wait an eternity before you get to unwrap your burner persona again. The good news: if you don’t want your life to be segregated into 51 weeks of default world and one week of burner lifestyle, you have options.

To live Burning Man everyday, you can:

  • Give more.

  • Create more art.

  • Create your own style.

  • Think for yourself.   Most of us just sleep through life, parroting the beliefs of our parents or friends. Burning Man wakes us up to the possibility that life and culture can be much different than what we’re used to. At home, we can keep exploring new ideas and innovative solutions to the issues presented by life.

  • Participate.

Burning Man 2013 art

Photo by Jim Bourg/Reuters.

While at Burning Man, we witness just how powerful and productive we are when we choose to give our time and energy to projects. It is so empowering and inspiring to be on the playa and see all that we’ve built and all that we do, just because we want to.

Can you imagine just how amazing our home communities could be if more of us put in that kind of effort? Of course, our cities do not offer us the blank canvas we have in Black Rock Desert. Still, there’s an endless list of ways we can be active participants and creators in our home communities. How many ways are there to volunteer or build public art?

Painting a mural of a black and white face

Man on cherry picker painting a mural. Image source unknown. Please contact us if you know the artist.

Burning Man’s related groups offer tons of opportunities to get involved year-round in communities all over the world. Plus, participating in these groups gives you the chance to connect with other burners.

Burning Man Related Groups
Burners Without Borders: This amazing group supports innovative approaches to disaster relief efforts and grassroots initiatives that make a positive impact. They create, fund, promote and participate in projects all over the world. You can find out how to volunteer for a current project or create your own Burners Without Borders project here: Burners Without Borders Contribute
Black Rock Arts Foundation: Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) exists to bring the kind of community-driven, interactive and inclusive art we experience at Burning Man to the rest of the world. BRAF hosts events, provides Civic Arts and Grants to Artists programs, and offers volunteer opportunities, among other things. To date, they’ve supported over 100 public art projects around the world.

Black Rock Solar: Black Rock Solar, an organization that was born at Burning Man, provides free or low cost solar power to non-profits, tribes and community organizations that wouldn’t otherwise be able to access this technology. Essentially, they’re reducing bills for these groups while increasing the reach of renewable energy. If you’re planning to start a non-profit or community organization in California or Nevada, you may qualify to receive Black Rock Solar panels. Click here to donate to Black Rock Solar.

Burning Man Regionals: Meet burners in your area through your Burning Man regionals group. It’s likely that you’ll find plenty of ways to participate in art projects, event production or community volunteer opportunities through regionals. If not, you can create your own project and ask local burners to join.

At Burning Flipside, the Austin, Texas regional burn event

Photo by Nadine Studio. At Burning Flipside, the Austin, Texas regional burn event

Burning Man Project: The Burning Man Project is tasked with the rather large mission of spreading Burning Man culture around the world. They cultivate programs and activities in the following areas: art, education, culture, civic involvement, philosophical center and social enterprise. An example of Burning Man Project’s work: they helped support [freespace], a San Francisco- based project which temporarily offered a 14,000 square foot facility to artists and community builders, free of charge. Check out Burning Man Project volunteer opportunities here.

The playa holds its own special magic that is, admittedly, tough to replicate at home. Still, by making an effort to get involved, think for yourself, create and give, you can keep the spirit of that strange, dusty land with you all year round.

How do you live Burning Man everyday? Please tell us about it in the comments section below!

By Kimbriel Dean